What to see in the Aran Valley?

Located in the Catalan Pyrenees, an environment that offers many possibilities: cycling routes and downhill bikes, cultural activities, mountaineering, walks in an incredible place, adventure sports, walking routes, mountain, alpine, cross-country skiing, snowboarding, hydrotherapy, typical cuisine of the area...

We take care of every detail so that your stay at the Hotel Aran la Abuela and in the Aran Valley are as pleasant as possible. Ideal for your holidays at any time of the year: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Each one of them, magical!

Here we leave you a plan for each day of the week.

Free from Monday to Saturday for the months of July and August.

What to see in the Aran Valley

Excursion with views of the Aran Valley

MONDAY: Circulate towns

Circular tour through the villages of Vilamós, Arrés de Sus, Arrés de Jus and hermitage of Sant Miqueu. Some towns with a special charm where tourism has not yet made a dent.

With the best views of the Aneto and the Maladetas.

Unevenness +344 m. Traveled 7 km.

Rivers and waterfalls Aran Valley

TUESDAY: RIVERS AND WATERFALLS - Cabecera de la Noguera Ribagorzana

Possibility of four different excursions:

Salenques Valley, Mulheres Valley, Conangles Valley or the Bessiberri Valley.

We will follow the course of the upper part of the river with waterfalls and magical beech forests.

Difficulty: Easy / Medium

Rivers to swim Aran Valley

WEDNESDAY: FOREST BATHING – The Centennial Beech Forest of the Torán Valley

The practices of Forest Bathing (known as Shinrin-Yoku in Japan) and Forest Therapy are ways to immerse our senses in the atmosphere of the forest to relax and enjoy the positive benefits for health and well-being.

As we strengthen our connection to the natural world, our sense of beauty, wonder, and curiosity are restored, and our brains and nervous systems calm. Stress levels are reduced and the immune system is boosted.

The Centennial Beech Forest Toran Valley.

A completely wooded route through one of the most extensive and centuries-old Beech Forests in the Arán Valley, with enormous specimens and a dream forest.

Travel 4 km // Elevation + 350 meters. // Difficulty - Easy

Meadow with cows Aran Valley


We will start the route in the Borda dera Lana, in the valley of the Unhola river, “Red River”, we will ascend along a path to the track that leads to the Varradós hill, passing by the remodeled Moredo cabin; Through little traveled paths we will cross the Moredo plan until we reach the spectacular Red River of Unhola, along a path with some technical steps following the course of the river we will arrive back at the starting point.

Elevation difference +425 m. Travel 7.2 km.

Difficulty: Medium with some technical step

High mountain river Aran Valley


Magnificent excursion through the Aneto Natural Park. Surrounded by the highest peaks of the Pyrenees.

Circular route – 8 km // Elevation difference - 500 m. // Difficulty - High

For the most daring, from the Collet dels Estanyets we will climb the Tuc Tuc de l'Estany Negre, 2,785 m high.

Ascent and return 2.5 km + 230 meters.

Stop at the Llauset refuge, where they prepare a special menu for the group.

Hiking with views of the Aran Valley


From the north mouth of the Vielha tunnel we will enter what until the 40s was the access road to the Aran Valley from Ribagorza, we will pass by the deth Pontet cabin and then walk along the path between majestic fir forests that will take us to the valley of Sarrahèra and the cabin of Sarrehèra deth baish. There we will enjoy the incredible views of these calcareous mountains to continue down the valley and return to the starting point.

Elevation difference +280 m. Travel 7.7 km.



Spas, museums, Romanesque architecture, adventure activities, trekking, family walks, lakes, mountain bike routes, 4x4 routes, via ferrata, cultural visits, among other activities. In our surroundings you can enjoy skiing, snowmobiling, heli-skiing, sledging and snowshoeing. In addition, around Hotel Aran La Abuela you will find a wide range of leisure activities and gastronomy with typical products of the Vall d'Aran.

This wide range of leisure, nature and cultural activities makes the Aran Valley an ideal environment for all those who wish to visit us, such as families with children, sportsmen and women, lovers of nature, gastronomy, culture, motorcyclists, cyclists, etc.



In the Aran Valley you will find a great concentration of churches and sanctuaries, perhaps the largest in the Pyrenees. Churches such as San Miguel de Vielha, Era Mair de Dios de la Purificación de Bossost, the 12th-century church of Santa María de Artías or the sanctuary of Montgarri, nestled in the middle of the Aran Valley, are examples of the Romanesque culture found in this privileged setting.

You can also visit the various museums that will give you an insight into the ancient culture of the inhabitants of the Vall d'Aran. Fabrica Dera Lan (wool factory), Ethnological Museum of the Val d'Aran, PyrenMuseu, El Corrau Museum, Snow Museum, Lo de Joanchiquet Ecomuseum, among others.

The traditional fairs and festivals in the different villages of Val d'Aran, which have existed since time immemorial, and the traditional Aranese dances are also typical. Festivals such as Eth Haro in Les and Eth Taro in Arties, which culminate at the summer solstice with the burning of a fir tree trunk.

The burning of the trunk of a fir tree as an act of request for the purification of the earth is still intact and is a faithful reminder of what life was like in the valley centuries ago.



Val d'Aran is a natural environment with many kilometres of marked trails, large peaks and glacial lakes that will allow you to enjoy landscapes in the middle of nature.

There is a wide range of activities for families, children, people looking for simple, low-level activities or for nature lovers of a certain level who want to enjoy more technical routes and activities of greater difficulty.

Among the mountain and multi-adventure activities that can be practised, we can mention


- Excursions to Romanesque villages

- Visit to the zinc mines

- Mountain biking / BTT

- Hiking / Trekking

- Canyoning

- Rafting

- Multi-adventure

- Horse riding

- Aerial activities: paragliding, light aircraft

- Photographic safari / Flora and fauna

- Quad biking

- 4x4 routes

- Via ferratas

- Canyoning

- Kayaking

- Hydrospeed

- Canoeing

- Climbing

- Trekking

For families, children and the elderly, there are a multitude of tours and excursions. Some of them can be done with your own vehicle.

Visit the village of Montgarri, visit the Uelhs deth Joeu (source of the Jewish river and waterfall), visit the Saut deth Pish, Aran Park (animal park), the Aran Valley Adventure Park (ideal for parents and children), walk along the paths and roads that cross the various villages of the Vall d'Aran.

Find out about the specialised agencies in the area.



Another of the great attractions of La Vall d'Aran is its great gastronomic culture.

Traditional dishes such as "olha aranesa", homemade pâtés and cheeses, game stews, typical "crespets" or nacarii of sturgeon and caviar (made in the Vall d'Aran) are some of the dishes that visitors will find in the many restaurants in the area specialising in Aranese cuisine.

There are also many shops where you can buy typical and artisanal products such as homemade pâtés, salami, artisanal cheeses, jams and typical liqueurs such as nodos water (walnut liqueur) or artisanal beer brewed in the Vall d'Aran.

A visit to the facilities where nacarii caviar is made is a must. Here you can learn first-hand all the secrets of caviar and sturgeon meat.



For visitors looking for a few days of relaxation, the Val d'Aran offers the possibility of immersing themselves in sulphurous waters as the Romans did, in the middle of nature, and benefiting from their mineral-medicinal properties.

You can enjoy these benefits at the Termes de la Baronia thermal baths in the village of Les, at the Arties thermal baths and at the Tredòs thermal baths, located on the banks of the Aiguamoig river, on the edge of the Aigüestortes National Park, which, at 1,740 metres, is the highest thermal spa in Europe.

Ski and snow

Ski and snow


- Special activity programme for trainees

- Special Christmas activities (classical music concerts, torchlight walks...)

- Snowshoeing excursions

- Roman route in the Val d'Aran

- Dog sledding excursions

- Horse-drawn sleigh rides and excursions.

- Heli-skiing and panoramic helicopter flights

- Snowmobile tours

- Igloo building

- And much more...

Enjoy one of the best ski resorts in the country. The Baqueira-Beret resort, located in the same valley, is a privileged area due to the quality of its snow. Its northern orientation, climate and the maintenance of its slopes favour a better quality and quantity of snow and its maintenance for a longer period.

The resort of Baqueira-Beret offers different types of slopes that allow the practice of alpine skiing and snowboarding at all levels, from the most inexperienced beginner to those who have a good style and only use the red and black slopes.

In Vall d'Aran skiers will find a good number of schools and specialised instructors for all types of students, even for those with special needs, such as disabilities, as well as instructors who speak different foreign languages.

In Vall d'Aran you can enjoy other winter activities related to snow:

- Dog sledding excursions

- Snowmobile tours

- Snowshoeing excursions

- Heli-skiing

And other activities that can be carried out either independently or by contracting the various agencies specialising in the different activities.



Cycling will become your great ally if you want to get to know the Aran Valley in depth and enjoy nature. You can enjoy mountain roads and signposted routes, rides along the river or through the valley's villages, or technical descents through the dense forests.

If you love the road, you can access epic mountain passes that have been the scene of great competitions such as the Tour de France or the Tour of Spain.

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